Slip TCP connection between linux host and nrf52840



I need to get a sensor data stream flowing from a BT network into a linux host.  Have tried
to setup BT HCI interface but no luck getting hci0 interface to move from DOWN to UP.
So, thought I would take a different approach and put a dual stack on the nrf52 with the
ip link to the host going through a serial port. 

So, I would like to set up a slip tcp/ip connection between a linux host and a nrf52840.  I know
slip can be used to connect to a qemu simulation.  Has anyone used slip to talk to a physical
uart interface?  If so, can I use the nrf52840's console port or do I need to use a seperate
uart and interface via a FTDI usb cable?

Echo_server sample code seems to be a good base to start with....Any suggestions would help.

Chuck McP

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