Re: MIPS architecture support

Kumar Gala

On Oct 11, 2018, at 8:14 PM, Alex Nemirovsky <alex.nemirovsky@...> wrote:


I’m new here, so please be gentle. ;-)

I’d like to contribute my private MIPS architecture support upstream.
Is this for a customer SoC or some generally available MIPS SoC?

However, before I begin the process, I’ll like to know if anyone else is working on this as well so that we could coordinate our efforts.
There was some MIPS support contributed but never finished off. Here’s a link to the GitHub PR:

Its pretty stale at this point, but gives you a starting point.

For testing purposes, we really need at least a port to an SoC/board that is generally available and probably has support in qemu. The Zephyr SDK has a mips toolchain for mips32r2-zephyr-elf. Also, would you be able to act as a maintainer for the port?

- k

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