Re: Slip TCP connection between linux host and nrf52840

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Hi Chuck

I tried this myself (and failed.). There is a separate net-tools repo:

In there you find tunslip6.c which should configure the slip on the host side, but I was not successful in getting the communication to work. (The host did send a packet down the serial line but newer got a response).

So if anybody finds out how to do this, it would be great if it would find it's way into the documentation.

Best regards


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Thanks, I was hoping that was the case.  Have found the slip.c code and am looking through it.
Not too many examples for slip and the ones I have seen all point to Qemu.  Any idea or pointers
as to where uart pipe gets created?  I'm guessing its buried somewhere in the Qemu board support
config files. 

Chuck McP

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