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Matthias Schuh <matthias.schuh@...>

Hello fellow mailinglist members,

I'm currently trying to get the samples "hci_uart" and "hci_usb" working on a laird654 module / Laird DVK-BL654-1.0 (nrf52480)
Both samples work on the nrf52480DK (pca10056) but refuse to work on the Laird654 module.

Regarding hci_uart I would like to transfer know-how I gained at the apache mynemt-os project: 
I got the respective sample from the apache newt project "blehci" working after configuring the nrf52480 to use the synthesized clock and modify the sleep clock accuracy:
In the newt world this was achieved via setting syscfg=XTAL_32768=0 syscfg=XTAL_32768_SYNTH=1:BLE_XTAL_SETTLE_TIME=0 syscfg=BLE_LL_OUR_SCA=250:BLE_LL_MASTER_SCA=1
I know these settings are newt specific but how could I achieve this for the zephyr samples ? 

Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards

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