gPTP and usb network device


I'm setting up a IP link between a debian platform and a bluetooth usb dongle running
zephyr.  usb network device interface appears to work fine with the zephyr IP stack running in
the dongle.  I want the dongle zephyr os to be time sync'd with the linux system and
am thinking gPTP would be a good way to achieve this.....particularly because its been
implemented on zephyr.  There's a note that zephyr gPTP only works on boards that
have ethernet hardware links.  Am wondering if anyone has tried using gPTP with
usb networking enabled?  Since the usb interface will likely run at 1Mb/s+ between
linux and zephyr (on dongle), I would expect it to behave reasonably well - at least for
my application's timing requirements.  Any experience or thoughts?

Chuck McP

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