Re: Slip TCP connection between linux host and nrf52840

Paul Sokolovsky


On Thu, 18 Oct 2018 11:22:10 -0700
cpmcparland@... wrote:


ble/ipv6.  At least that's my plan at the moment.  But, I am curious
about how others are dealing with this issue...
I'm sure that someone without imagination would just stream data over
old good serial connection - either in textual form, as a sequence of
lines, or with some simple binary protocol.

From my side, I can only encourage people to play with something more
advanced than that - we need people to try that, report back results,
us fix it as needed. Oftentimes it's indeed a matter of docs
[1] (including common pitfalls and troubleshooting sections). So indeed,
without poking, too little and too slow will happen, so thanks for
trying it!

[1] I for one ate enough dogfood on playing with BLE IPSP support and
tried to provide detailed enough walkthru on setting it up in the
corresponding docs:

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