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Hi This is seungwoo


I will contact you with further questions.


AP(zephyr) <-> nrf52810(zephyr)  interface UART




Or is there any code that can control nrf52810 on the AP?


Thanks you

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Subject: RE: [Zephyr-devel] [Question] zephyr file transfer via BLE


Hi This is seungwoo


Thank you very much for your reply.


I have two more questions.


1.     nrf52810 pin setting

-      The nrf52810 pin can be set flexibly.

-      In other words, you can set the CTS RTS TX RX pin of the UART to be flexible.

-      nrf52810 Is the pin setting in zephyr code?

-      If yes, can I set up a guide?

-      How can I disable CTS and RTS in UART?


2.     nrf52810 binary flash

-      I know how to write stacks and applications to the chip at the Nordic site.

-      However, zephyr does not write the stack and application provided by Nordic.

-      Is this correct?

-      In other words, do I have to write nrf52810 separately to the zephyr build binary?


Thanks you

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Subject: Re: [Zephyr-devel] [Question] zephyr file transfer via BLE


Hi there,


I believe mcumgr will allow you to do what you need.

Check the smp server sample here:

And the corresponding Android libraries here:




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Subject: [Zephyr-devel] [Question] zephyr file transfer via BLE


Hi, This is seungwoo


I have a question


If you look at the site below, I can transfer BLE file using Nordic chip.


nrf52-ble-image-transfer-demo çè Android-Image-Transfer-Demo   // file transfer


I am trying to develop a device with BLE functionality using nrf52810 in zephyr OS.


Like nrf52-ble-image-transfer-demo, Can I use zephyr with an application that can transfer files with Android?


Or I would like to ask if there is a case in which Zephyr tried to implement file transmission via BLE.


Thanks you

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