Highlights from the TSC meeting during ELCE

Nashif, Anas



The TSC had a full day F2F meeting with very good attendance and lots of topics to discuss. Here is a list of some the most significant decisions:


1.       Due to the significance of the next release, Zephyr 1.14 release date will be pushed into next year. Development of 1.14 will continue into next year and merge window will close on January 31st followed by approx. 8 weeks of stabilization. The final release of 1.14 is scheduled at the end of March 2019 (March 28th). This will give us time to finalize many of the currently under heavy development features and will give us enough time to stabilize and release a stable 1.14. One of the important items on the list for 1.14 is API stabilization and tagging APIs as stable, this include both kernel, device driver and subsystem APIs.

2.       To improve the review process we will introduce the following changes:

a.       Helper bots to help with tagging PRs and giving guidance to experiences and new PR authors.

b.       Categorization of PRs (Hotfix, Trivial, Maintainer, Security, TSC) and setting minimal review times for a PR in each category (more on that will be posted in the Wiki)

c.        Address the lack of reviewers and slow process of getting PRs reviewed in time. This is a major issue we have, we need more reviewers and reviews. Do not have much details to share here, but we are looking into introducing a system and workflow that would encourage developers and contributors to review more. Stay tuned.

3.       We will start a weekly PR backlog meeting (on IRC on teleconference) to give community members the opportunity to address concerns regarding their contributions and to raise awareness about stale PRs and changes.

4.       We are considering a new communication platform to replace IRC. Candidates are Slack and gitter. This has not been decided yet, if you have any feedback, please let us know.



More details in the upcoming weeks.



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