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Paul Sokolovsky

Hello Anas,

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The TSC had a full day F2F meeting with very good attendance and lots
of topics to discuss. Here is a list of some the most significant

2. To improve the review process we will introduce the
following changes:

a. Helper bots to help with tagging PRs and giving guidance to
experiences and new PR authors.

b. Categorization of PRs (Hotfix, Trivial, Maintainer,
Security, TSC) and setting minimal review times for a PR in each
category (more on that will be posted in the Wiki)

c. Address the lack of reviewers and slow process of getting
PRs reviewed in time. This is a major issue we have, we need more
reviewers and reviews. Do not have much details to share here, but we
are looking into introducing a system and workflow that would
encourage developers and contributors to review more. Stay tuned.

3. We will start a weekly PR backlog meeting (on IRC on
That's great! But what does "on IRC on teleconference" mean? Is it on
IRC or not?

to give community members the opportunity to address
concerns regarding their contributions and to raise awareness about
stale PRs and changes.

4. We are considering a new communication platform to replace
The moment I've read this line, I felt nice butterflies in my stomach.
Here it comes. Finally! The ugly tool used for all Zephyr
meetings will be gone! That tool has ~ zero Linux browsers support. I
have to hack a URL just to be able into the meeting, and then I see
almost nothing - no participants list, no chat, no nothing. Sound
quality is also below the level of similar tools. This tool actively
discourages participation in Zephyr meetings for Linux users.

(Oh, I was suggested that there's a run-on-your-own-computer client,
but at the age of meltdowns that seems like a brave, if not crazy,

But instead...

IRC! We're talking about replacing IRC. OMG. We need more proprietary
tools to get us into a nice cozy cave.

Candidates are Slack and gitter. This has not been decided yet,
if you have any feedback, please let us know.

More details in the upcoming weeks.


Best Regards,
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