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I'd like to discuss some counterpoints.

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> Thanks for the summary, Anas
>>> 4.       We are considering a new communication platform to replace IRC. Candidates are Slack and gitter. This has not been decided yet, if you have any feedback, please let us know.
> I'd like to ask what is the rationale behind IRC replacement, what is trying to be solved?
> IRC is:
> - easy to access for everyone from every platform

In all honesty I think

s/platform/Linux distribution/

And I agree.

IRC is not "easy" across platforms in a modern sense of the word, unless you use irccloud (which, full disclosure, I do, after changing from ERC within emacs by way of various other clients starting with Ircle on pre-OS X Macs back in the day).

Note irccloud is not free software.

IPG >> I'll admit I haven't used windows for a long time, but a quick google:

IPG>> many of them open source; and I can tell you pidgin (the client I use in Linux) works in Windows supporting almost every single messaging protocol reasonably open (and some propietary ones).

> - well integrated into everyone's favourite messaging client


IPG>> I'll be quite surprised a successful multi-protocol messaging client is written that doesn't support IRC

IRC clients that look good on a modern desktop (again, other than irccloud) are lacking. (Yup, that's an opinion.) Mobile support without irccloud is also lacking. 

IPG>> pidgin for Windows/Linux/Mac/Chrome, mutter for IRC on iOS  (can't talk to that because I don't IRC from my cellphone)

And it's not like irccloud is exactly a household name.

Taking "everyone" by raw numbers, we'd be looking for WhatsApp,  WeChat, etc. integration, and I don't think their clients can be called "well" integrated with IRC.

IPG>> each of those is a private/proprietary network (for example); I for one would not install WeChat in my cellphone after all the free publicity they've gained courtesy of the Chinese Government. Now, if we are talking being able to send notifications to those networks, yes, why not? but forcing any of those to be the central forum for open discussion? disagreed.

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