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> Slack is a proprietary de facto standard in this context, at least in
> the west.

Love that argument. So, perhaps we shouldn't look for easy ways and
embrace diversity in general, and look for WeChat that you mentioned or

This sentence is hard to parse, but I suspect you (and Flavio) have both missed my point, which was that if you're talking about "everyone's" favorite chat clients by raw number of users, IRC integration is basically non-existent. So claiming that as a plus seems bogus.

From Carles next mail:

> IRC is not only a tool for core contributors, maintainers and TSC
> members, but also users of the RTOS. The sentence “oh, but IRC still
> *exists*” has come up too many times in the last few months while
> introducing engineers to the Zephyr project.

That's actually very good comment. Trying to close my eyes and
make a reminiscence of that, following comes out of me: "There's an
idea to make a *support* channel on Slack for all the "IRC lives??"
people." Sounds great, and especially that there're people who want to
do support both on IRC and elsewhere.

The more dissemination we have, the better. Just randomly searched for
"zephyr rtos" (no hope for just "zephyr") on Reddit, and
disappointedly, #1 hit is still the post for 1.9 release I made a
year ago. If we can't make semi-regular posts on popular IT crowd sites
like Reddit, let's at least create a Slack channel. Or can do both
actually. Or all of them:

1. Development channel on IRC
2. I believe there is/was something like #zephyr-bluetooth on IRC too.
   I never understood why, but I heard there was.
3. Slack channel.
4. Reddit subreddit
... more

So "do all the things"?

> but I think we
> ought to be honest with ourselves that this is really what we are
> arguing about.


Since you deleted most of the rest of the context in this thread so far, I'm not sure what including the above followed by "[]" means.


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