Re: Highlights from the TSC meeting during ELCE

Nashif, Anas


-          Slack offers the project more control (for example fighting spam)

-          Very good Integration with GitHub and other platforms we use (Shippable). We are trying a few apps that would make it easier for us to keep control of the number of PRs and almost replaces the need to receiving emails from GH

-          Feature-rich: We are a software project, not being able to share code snippets in a clean way is a major issue on IRC.

-          Offers permanent connection to everybody: Not everyone can afford a permanent connect to follow discussions that happened while they are asleep. Slack gives developer a way to keep up with discussions and conversations and makes it possible for everyone to connect with each other.

-          Many other Pros, google for slack vs irc, for example:

-          It is 2018 J


If you want to try it go to Btw, this workspace has been active for almost 2 years now.


The TSC will have the final vote next week.





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Thanks for the summary, Anas


>> 4.       We are considering a new communication platform to replace IRC. Candidates are Slack and gitter. This has not been decided yet, if you have any feedback, please let us know.


I'd like to ask what is the rationale behind IRC replacement, what is trying to be solved?


IRC is:

- easy to access for everyone from every platform

- well integrated into everyone's favourite messaging client

- does not depend on a single corporation (looking at you, Slack)


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