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Hi Carles,

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Hi Martí,

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Hi Anas,

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As announced a few weeks ago, we have been working on a new version of
the SDK with updates mostly to the host tools.

This release of the SDK has the following changes as compared with

· New QEMU release (based on 3.0.0+git

· Qemu installation now has all needed ROMs and BIOS files to
support connecting Ethernet drivers such as the Intel e1000.

· New OpenOCD based master with Zephyr related changes (commit:

· New DTC version 1.4.7+git (commit

· Upgrade arc binutils to 2018.03-rc2

The above changes and especially the Qemu related items require that
you move to the new SDK ASAP, earlier version will not work with the
master tree.

How are Windows and Mac users supposed to update DTC?

- macOS via HomeBrew seems to be on 1.4.7 exactly, and you mention
commit 2e930b7, which is ahead of that tag in
- Windows via chocolatey looks like it's on some v1.4.7 commit that's
not in the upstream tree (dtc --version shows "1.4.7-g79c2a3d9-dirty"
on my Windows machine)
Windows is on 1.4.7 exactly. I created and updated the package myself 2 weeks ago. The dirty is there because there's a patch to make it work on Windows.
OK, thanks. So the dtc question is the same on Windows as on macOS
(and remains open): what should users do to get this latest version?
Will vanilla 1.4.7 continue to work?



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