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Randy Chou <rchou3@...>

Hi Vinayak,
Thanks for your reply. If you have any idea about this issue I can do the tests from my site.


Chettimada, Vinayak Kariappa <vinayak.kariappa.chettimada@...> 於 2018年11月8日 週四 下午6:17寫道:

Your config file looks ok.

I will check if errata 201 will solve your issues. I will try to send you a patch by this weekend.
As I will need to reproduce the issue, you will need to help me if it is the root cause. (with my DK, I did not see issues for hours before I had to be away from my desk).

- Vinayak

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    Hi Vinayak,
    I did some test today by using the latest master, there is no connection parameter update that means the CI keeps in 7.5ms, the connection keeps alive.
    I try to update the CI to 30ms manually the connection can keep around 6.5 mins.
    attachment is my .config file.


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