Re: __ASSERT - transfer to error handler

Boie, Andrew P

I'm patiently waiting for a paradise times when on CPU exception, assert, etc.,
we'll be ending up in debugger, point to the instruction where the problem
happened (or it can be seen in backtrace).
We do dump this info to the console on a fatal CPU exception. On x86 there's even a crude stack trace.
But it would be nice, if running some application under GDB, for the exception to simply break the debugger at the offending instruction rather than go through Zephyr's exception handling path.

I'm not sure how this could work, perhaps have the Zephyr exception handler set up the stack/registers to the original context and issue a debug exception? Or would this involve some kind of Zephyr-aware extension to GDB? The problem is always that the stack layout for a CPU exception is different than a function call, and might not even be on the same stack, so you can't easily unwind through when the exception happened to the original faulting context.


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