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A bit tricky because Eclipse CDT integration of cmake is only available at the latest release and imho not very good.

1.) build from eclipse

Simplest way:
Use std. C Project. Under "C/C++ build" options >> "Builder Type: external" & "Build command: make"

activate build enviroment & go to your zephyr project. create build dir, run cmake

2.) debug from eclipse

the open ocd debuger from the gnu mcu pulgin works best (

create a new run config & and reset the paths:
openocd binary form the /opt/... dir

openocd.cfg from the board config

run west debugserver and start the eclipse debug config

Good luck


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I want to develop applications using the FRDM-K64F board from NXP using Eclipse.  Is there any way to use Eclipse as an IDE and create a program, then flash it onto the board? I want to do my development all from Eclipse.  Or do is Eclipse only used as a debugger? Thank you.




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