Re: Zephyr (v1.13.0) HCI_UART running on nRF52 DK why BD address is always 00:00:00:00:00:00 after power cycle #nrf52832


Hi icephyr,

I think 2 things are mixed up here in this topic, my problem with the ZERO address as public address was not related to advertising but rather why the Bluez takes the random address as address when the public address is set to zero as it is in my case with the Nordic nRF52832. 
This behaviour is causing a problem in the QT BT stack when creating the QLowPowerController object as the HCI adapter can not be fetched properly based on this random address.

The bluetoothctl is based on the Bluez stack via DBus, this is the same for the QT BT stack... 

IMHO I think your problem was more related to the fact the discover flag was not set. 

Anyhow I hope QT can come up with a better solution or at least explain what the real issue is if it is not in their SW stack. Let's see and hear... 

Best regards,

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