Leds_demo on nrf52840 #nrf52832 #zephyrbluetoothmesh

Akash Naidu <akashnaiduece@...>

HI All,
Recently i have started working on Zephyr RTOS to explore IPV6 over BLE.And i am totally new this.
I would like to form a mesh network with PCA10059(5 boards) and PCA10040(1 boards) boards, and control the leds on boards.

Now, i have been successfully established connection with nordic board and PC and was getting proper response from device(If i ping from PC).
But i don't know how to control the LEDS.
I have seen a demo example in "net/leds_demo", with this can we make a mesh network and control the LEDS?
could you please help me to form a mesh network on IPV6 over BLE? if possible please suggest reference examples for nrf52 DK.
And i am total new to IPV6 over BLE to form mesh network, so please provide suitable explanation about IPV6 over BLE to form mesh network in Zephyr RTOS.    

Advance in thanks.


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