Re: [BLE Mesh] How many nodes can zephyr mesh support and how about the throughput?

Johan Hedberg


On 1 Dec 2018, at 16.44, cheney chen <> wrote:

Recently I am investigating on adopting a possible BLE Mesh solution in my project. Just found there is BLE mesh support in zephyr now. I am wondering how many nodes can zephyr mesh support? And how about the throughout in point-to-point transfer (e.g. can it support up to 10KB/s throughput in BLE mesh OTA)?

Thanks in advance for any answer to this question. It'd be better if any document or link.
I’ve tried to answer your questions in the GitHub issue (#11789) that you opened before sending this email. In the future, please use either to GitHub *or* the mailing list, but not both, since otherwise we’ll end up having duplicated and unconnected discussions on the same topic.


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