Re: Is bluetooth sample "peripheral" still working well?

Johan Hedberg


On 3 Dec 2018, at 22.03, Li, Jun R <> wrote:
[00:00:00.000,000] <inf> bt_hci_core.hci_vs_init: HW Platform: Nordic Semiconductor (0x0002)
[00:00:00.000,000] <inf> bt_hci_core.hci_vs_init: HW Variant: nRF51x (0x0001)
[00:00:00.000,000] <inf> bt_hci_core.hci_vs_init: Firmware: Standard Bluetooth controller (0x00) Version 1.13 Build 99
[00:00:00.000,000] <wrn> bt_hci_core.bt_init: No ID address. Expecting one to come from storage.
This is normal when CONFIG_BT_SETTINGS=y is enabled. In such a case the identity address isn’t initialised until the app calls settings_load(), since the identity may be stored in flash.

[00:00:00.000,000] <inf> bt_hci_core.bt_dev_show_info: Identity: <log_strdup alloc failed>
This shows that the identity has been successfully initialised as a consequence of calling settings_load(), however apparently there are too few log buffers available to log the string-format address.

• There are about 9 seconds delay between the first message “Bluetooth initialized” and the second one “Advertising successfully started” every time when the board restarts. Not sure what is blocking the booting process.
You’re not the first one to report something like this - it needs to be investigated.

• I got a “No ID address” warning which is highlighted in red above. The problem never happened before. Is it a new feature? And Does any board need to be provisioned with an ID address before being used from now on?
As I mentioned earlier this is a non-issue. The identity does get loaded properly but there’s an issue allocating a log buffer for its string representation. In general I have a slight suspicion that all these issues could somehow be related to the new logging subsystem.


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