Re: Is bluetooth sample "peripheral" still working well?

Johan Hedberg

Hi Jun,

On 4 Dec 2018, at 0.08, Li, Jun R <> wrote:
Thanks for the quick reply! Is there an issue addressing the 9 second delay problem during the booting process? It seems the issue #11780 ( is similar though it is using mesh network stack.
Based on bisecting it seems commit 4d94257162b22f37104e9f85238ed7c3486c5a1c is introducing the issue. Reverting it made the delay and log_strdup failure go away for me. It also fixed the timestamps (they shouldn’t be all zero).

And how can I get rid of the warning "No ID address"? It always happens on every booting up process.
Why do you want to get rid of it? It’s there to remind app writers that they need to do something extra (i.e. call settings_load) after calling bt_enable().

Actually, I found another "HARD FAULT" issue if I don't erase all of the flash memory after flashing the firmware built from the latest master. I'll try to identify if the is caused by my app or just a generic one. But basically, this never happened before I rebased the app.
This is something I haven’t seen. What do you mean by not erasing all flash memory? Which parts don’t you erase? What was there from before? You might have uncovered some issue with the settings subsystem if there’s some garbage data there. It’s also worth excluding the possibility of stack overflow, since the settings code increases stack usage. So try increasing your stack sizes before anything else.


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