Duplicate messages when using bt_mesh_model_publish() and groups

Martin <ma@...>

I am running samples\boards\nrf52\mesh\onoff-app on two NRF52 DKs.
What I notice is that mesh messages are duplicated, i.e. when pressing
a button on the server node (that is publishing to group 0xC00A), one
message is sent ("publish to ..."). But on the client node, (which is
subscribing to 0XC00A), the callback for incoming mesh messages
gen_onoff_set is called twice (2x "gen_onoff_set" output).
I would really like to reduce the messages sent to a minimum so am
wondering why this is happening and how to solve this.. It seems to me
as if messages sent via bt_mesh_model_send only appear once. Could
someone help me?


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