Re: Is bluetooth sample "peripheral" still working well?

Johan Hedberg

Hi Frank,

On 4 Dec 2018, at 17.52, frv <> wrote:
Is it correct to say that no public address is set by Nordic for BT HW? Thus probably it is normal this warning "No ID address" is shown.
Not quite. An Identity Address can be either a public address or a static random address. In most cases nRF boards only have a static random address but no public address. In this case the warning just means that at that point the stack has neither one of those addresses, and is waiting for settings_load() to read one from flash (if nothing is found in flash then the stack will go ahead and try to use our HCI vendor extensions to read the static random address from the controller).

Sometime ago this topic was published:

I'm wondering if my proposal is valid regarding how to set a public address in case of NRF HW. I didn't investigate myself further but probably Zephyr's "load_settings" function gets its stored info from UICR in case of Nordic HW.
I assume you mean settings_load()? That reads the storage partition in flash, i.e. it’s not related to the FICR or UICR registers.


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