CONFIG_BT_PRIVACY cannot be enabled with Hci_uart sample #nrf52832 #hci


Hi guys, I met a problem here and hop anybody can help.

I want to enable the config CONFIG_BT_PRIVACY, and according to the official document, the config depends on BT_SMP BT_CONN BT_HCI_HOST BT_HCI and BT。 So I have to set all these configs above to  "y"  first, but BT_HCI_HOST conflicts with config BT_HCI_RAW and I have to disable BT_HCI_RAW config if I want to enable BT_HCI_HOST.  But the hci_uart sample will compiled with errors if BT_HCI_RAW is disabled.

So I wonder how to enable CONFIG_BT_PRIVACY in hci_uart sample ?

config BT_HCI_HOST
  # Virtual/hidden option to make the conditions more intuitive
  default y
  depends on !BT_HCI_RAW
  select POLL
    prompt "Privacy Feature" if BT_SMP && BT_CONN && BT_HCI_HOST && BT_HCI && BT depends on BT_SMP && BT_CONN && BT_HCI_HOST && BT_HCI && BT help Enable local Privacy Feature support. This makes it possible to use Resolvable Private Addresses (RPAs).

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