out of tree soc


I'm new to zephyr and yet working on examples. I like the modular structure of arch, toolchain, board and the use of cmake. Thats justĀ  what I was tweaking around with. Also was thinking to use a rtos in my project. So zepyrproject just seems to hit the mark for me :)

I'm just trying to learn what is the best practice to add own modules in custom projects without changing the zephyr source tree. I learned how to add an out-of-tree board. Since I'm working with nios2 coresĀ  I would need a method to add a soc too. I didn't find how to include a custom quartus/qsys project. What would be the best way to do?

Also concerning nios2 and qemu - how can I enable the float support in a project?

Best regards

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