Suggestions on rpl_border_router and rpl_node #bluetoothmesh #nrf52480 #nrf52832 #zephyrbluetoothmesh

Akash Naidu <akashnaiduece@...>

Hi All,

I have been working on ipv6 over ble on zephyr RTOS to form mesh network.I have been successfully integrated "rpl_node"(which is in zephyr/samples/net/rpl_node) with ble(nrf52832), and it has been able to connected and able to getting the response(if i ping).

Now, i am in quite confusion for how to use "rpl_border_router"(which is in zephyr/samples/net/rpl_border_router).

which board is suitable to configure it as a rpl_border_router?.

I have 5 nrf52 modules which will acts as "rpl_nodes", but how to connect these boards to "rpl_border_router" to form DAG network?

could you please suggest me that how to form DAG Network by using "rpl_border_router" and "rpl_node" on Zephyr RTOS?

I am totally new to network concepts, if possible please provide some useful documents where i can form the DAG network by using RPL protocol.


Advance in thanks.




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