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Paul Sokolovsky

Hello Jukka,

On Thu, 13 Dec 2018 18:01:42 +0200
"Jukka Rissanen" <jukka.rissanen@...> wrote:


currently Zephyr has HTTP server & client APIs that are built on top
of net-app API. As we are currently trying to deprecate the net-app
API, the HTTP APIs would need to be rewritten to use the BSD socket
API instead of net-app API.

Would there be anyone interested in writing such HTTP server / client
Well, I kinda was interested in this, given all my criticism of the
older API and implementation. But I'm in reservations after the TLS
zstream case, where a bunch of effort was spent to do it right, and all
that went to /dev/null.

If there are no users for existing HTTP APIs, we could also
optionally start to deprecate them.
IMHO before we provide a replacement, we should not deprecate

The new HTTP APIs could also be
based to some existing open source library if you know any.
I think that given that we have "in house" implementation of COAP,
LWM2M, MQTT, that it would be indeed a refreshing change to not try to
invent our own API, but try to port an existing. Well, at least to
survey the landscape trying to find one which would be suitable for our
code/RAM size requirements.

So please
raise your hand if you could help here.
So, I think we should decide if it would be OK to bet on 3rd-party
lib at all, then focus a call exactly like that: Are there suggestions
of existing lib to port, satisfying our requirements (which is, again,
being small)?

Myself, I think my plate is more than full for 1.14, and I already
subscribed to port another lib to Zephyr (OPC-UA). However, if we agree
on 3rd-party solution to be OK in principle, I start surveying too in
the background in the meantime.


Best Regards,
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