How to integrated BLE central code with RPL Node example? #nrf52832 #zephyrbluetoothmesh

Akash Naidu <akashnaiduece@...>

Hi All,
I have been working on RPL node example(which is in zephyr/samples/net/rpl_node), to work it as both central and peripheral concurrently.
I have successfully integrated peripheral code with RPL node example, and device has been able to Advertise and able to establish the connection also.
To act as peripheral, i have edited "prj.conf" file and has been working as peripheral.
If i do same thing for central, device was not getting enter into scan mode.
my aim is, each device should act as peripheral and central and on top of BLE links will send IPV6 packets by using RPL protocol.

could you please help me to integrate Central(nrf52832 DK) with RPL_node?

Thanks in Adavnce.

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