Re: Possibility to reduce the power consumption of peripheral device #ble #nrf52480

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It looks that you have HFCLK running all the time.

This is probably caused by small issue in power management code.

Please try to remove the calls to nrf_power_task_trigger() from soc/arm/nordic_nrf/nrf52/power.c

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In order to use the peripheral and central device for energy efficient application, I performed some power measurement test with the following configuration using nrf52 DK.

Central_hr sample application is used as it is without making any changes.

In Peripheral_hr sample application notification time is changed to 1 sec.

In menuconfig :

·               Device drivers:

o   Console drivers

o   Serial drivers

o   GPIO drivers

o   Use legacy SPI API

are disabled

·                 Debugging Options: everything is disabled

·                 Bluetooth: none of the debug option is enabled


The average Current consumption on Peripheral device is 390 μA and average power consumption is 1.31mW with 3.35 V source.


Once the peripheral starts notifying, there are continuous spikes in the measurements between 2 notifications. I also checked with different connection intervals and different notification periods but still, there are same spikes.

Is there any possibility to improve energy consumption even further? 

Thank you in advance.


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