Re: PCA10059 without additional debugger - non-volatile storage of settings

Martin <ma@...>

in case anyone else is interested: lemrey has reworked the patch at today to
address some comments. With the update, non-volatile storage of
settings is also possible on the dongles. Note that flashing with nRF
connect does not work and nrfutil has to be used instead. Thanks to
everyone involved and I hope to see this in the official Zephyr master
soon :)


Am Do., 27. Dez. 2018 um 15:02 Uhr schrieb Martin J├╝rgens <ma@...>:

I know it is a quite specific question, but I thought that maybe
someone has an idea into which direction to go..

I have some PCA10059 (nRF52-Dongles) lying around and would like to
make experiments with them running Zephyr OS. Unfortunately, I do not
have a an appropriate cable for connecting it to my nRF52 DK to flash
it and buying a cable would crash my budget.

Luckily, work has been ongoing to make flashing the PCA10059 possible
without an external debugger. The solution (how I understand it) is
that the stock Nordic bootloader remains on the PCA10059, loads
MCUboot, which in turn loads Zephyr OS. The merge request can be found

I have playing around with it (i.e. flash samples/bluetooth/mesh) and
can report that it is working. I had to make two modifications:
Comment storage_partition in
boards\arm\nrf52840_pca10059\nrf52840_pca10059.dts, such that there is
no duplicate collision with dts/common/nrf52840-nrf5-*.overlay and
strangely (I would interpret the documention differently) keep Kconfig
settings how they are (leave CONFIG_BOOTLOADER_MCUBOOT=n).

The "only" problem I have: Storage of settings does not work. The
symptoms are that I have to re-provision the PCA10059 every time it is

I have been playing around with storage settings in the .dts-files
(changing the memory regions) with no success. Attached is the
_dts_compiled that is generated during the build phase and a
screenshot of nrf connect showing in which regions code resides.

Has anyone already gotten storage of settings with PCA10059 to work
(possibly even with the traditional debugger solution)? And does
anyone have a clue / an idea why it is not working and where I should
look into?


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