Re: Get RSSI in DTM(Zephyr)


Hi Isaac,

Generally you would be measuring the RSSI on the test equipment from a signal generated by your Bluetooth radio, and would be using a calibrated accurate test system. The nRF51824 (from the product spec) has an RSSI accuracy of +/-6dB, that is wildly inaccurate and I cannot see any reason to want to measure/record it on every module. You can add a non-standard command to read and return the RSSI if needed to the DTM code.




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Subject: Re: [Zephyr-devel] Get RSSI in DTM(Zephyr)
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Hi Vinayak,


Our customer requested us to test conductive BLE RSSI in factory for accuracy improvement.

Could you please clarify the following questions?

  1. As I know, BLE RSSI can’t be measured in standard DTM mode. Is it possible to add new feature in DTM to support BLE RSSI measurement?
  2. If the answer to the above question is “no”, I still need your confirmation if other test modes exist that can measure RSSI except DTM mode.

In our experiences of other algorithm(LTE/WCDMA…etc.), RSSI usually can be detected easily in test mode via a CW tone. So it’s why we want

to double check this.

  1. Do you have any customers who have experiences to measure conductive RSSI in factory or in lab? If so, can you share the methodology?



Best Regards


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Subject: RE: Get RSSI in DTM


Hi Tommy,


I don’t remember if DTM mode has any RSSI command in the Specification.


Could you please elaborate on your requirements?





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Subject: [Zephyr-devel] Get RSSI in DTM


Hi ,

We have a product using nRF51824 with zephyr.

We use hci_uart sample code and follow below link , and we can get other BT device’s RSSI.


We have a question , If it is in DTM(Direct Test Mode) , how can we get RSSI?

Could you give us some suggestions.


Best regards,



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