Re: RFC - C99 issue regarding unnamed union/structs

Paul Sokolovsky

On Mon, 14 Jan 2019 11:47:19 -0800
"Flavio Ceolin" <flavio.ceolin@...> wrote:

Hi guys,

One problem with have in Zephyr regarding C99 is that we are using a
lot of unnamed struct/unions.
Anonymous unions are important part of the C language. An obvious
solution to the problem is switching to the C11 standard.

One example is:

struct z_kernel {
/* For compatibility with pre-SMP code, union the first CPU
* record with the legacy fields so code can continue to use
* the "_kernel.XXX" expressions and assembly offsets.
union {
struct _cpu cpus[CONFIG_MP_NUM_CPUS];
#ifndef CONFIG_SMP
struct {
/* nested interrupt count */
u32_t nested;

/* interrupt stack pointer base */
char *irq_stack;

/* currently scheduled thread */
struct k_thread *current;


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