Re: RFC - C99 issue regarding unnamed union/structs

Andy Ross

In order:

1. Empty structs are really useful, for example the spot you're noticing that allows arch code to define its own set of private data, which might be zero-length.  Obviously that could be worked around with appropriate preprocessor trickery (e.g. CONFIG_ARCH_HAS_CALLER_SAVED_STRUCT or something similarly wordy), but not as cleanly.

2. That looks wrong.   We should surely be using a consistent way to specify packed structs.

3. Flexible arrays are valid C99.  You mean a literal zero in the brackets in the declaration?  Yeah, that's the wrong syntax, the standard specifies "[]" for this.

4. That's a "case '1' ... '9':" expression to detect decimal digits in the middle of an otherwise giant switch.   Sure, I guess we could turn that into nine separate case labels, but wow is it nicer this way and boy is it a useful feature that the compiler gives us to express this.  Hint, hint.

5. Dynamic stack allocation (via either variable arrays or alloca()) is problematic for a various reasons (some dumb, but some good -- note that systemd just got hit by a local root exploit last week due to an attacker-controlled alloca!), and I'm actually the worst offender in the current tree.   These are likely all going to have to go away soon, or at least be reworked into a form such that the code will build without dynamic stacks.


On 1/15/2019 12:47 AM, Thomas Törnblom wrote:

While on the subject of language compliance, what about the frequent usage of non-standard gcc extensions that limits portability?

I've started looking at making IAR Embedded Workbench a supported tool chain for Zephyr, and while I have not looked at the cmake build tools yet, I've tried to build one of the examples (hello) using our IDE, and have run into several non-standard things like:

1) Empty structs (struct _caller_saved in kernel_arch_thread.h)

2) Packed structs, "struct __packed__ ..." vs "__packed struct .." or "struct __attribute__((__packed__)) ...", the latter two variants are accepted by our tools, the first is not ( _k_thread_stack_element in kernel.h)

3) Zero sized arrays (several places in the include files for logging)

4) Ellipses/ranges in case (printk.c)

5) alloca

Of these alloca() is probably the most problematic for us as we have no alloca, and no easy way to implement it either as we have no frame pointer. In one place I could use a variable size array, but the rb code requires more work, and I would really prefer not having to use the variable size array either.



Den 2019-01-14 kl. 22:11, skrev Peter A. Bigot:
I don't have a solution, but since the question came up I am interested in any reaction to since that's relevant to the topic.


On 1/14/19 1:47 PM, Flavio Ceolin wrote:
Hi guys,

One problem with have in Zephyr regarding C99 is that we are using a lot
of unnamed struct/unions. One example is:


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