Deprecating and removing net-app based APIs

Jukka Rissanen

Hi all,

I sent a PR#12506 [1] that marks these APIs as deprecated:
* net-app
* HTTP server / client
* Websocket

The idea is that these APIs would eventually be removed from 1.14
release. Over a year ago, it was agreed among network API users, that
the API to user applications would be BSD socket API interface. Because
of this various networking APIs like MQTT, CoAP and LWM2M have been
converted to use BSD socket APIs instead of net-app API.

I sent a mail in the beginning of December 2018 [2] about HTTP
client/server APIs, if there would be anyone willing to maintain and
convert HTTP APIs to use BSD socket API. So far no volunteers have been
found. This removal of these APIs also means that there would not be
replacement BSD socket based APIs for HTTP, Websocket and SNTP in 1.14.

It is important that we do not have multiple implementations for the
same features so the old net-app based APIs need to be removed. We will
remove the duplicate (old) CoAP and MQTT API implementations as there
exists BSD socket versions for CoAP and MQTT.



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