Re: RFC - C99 issue regarding unnamed union/structs

Thomas Törnblom <thomas.tornblom@...>

Den 2019-01-16 kl. 18:31, skrev Andy Ross:

I'd also look more favorably on and be more likely to recommend
toolchains that implement broadly-used industry extensions. :)

By "broadly-used industry extensions" you mean "gcc extensions" I guess?

I did a quick test using some other C compilers I have, SunStudio 11/12, Keil uVision 5, VisualStudio 2015, and none of them accepts the "..." extension to the case labels in switch statements, at least not out of the box, so I would hardly call that "broadly-used industry extensions".

To be fair, I did find that SunStudio 12 Update 1 appears to have introduced this.

I might file an RFE for this ;)




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