Re: [net] net samples not working?

Richard Peters <mail@...>

Sample: echo_server / echo_client

On 'make server' on server side and 'make client' on client side:

Some frames gets sent and received successfully and than my screen is
flood by these
messages on the client side:

[net/buf] [ERR] net_buf_alloc_debug: net_nbuf_get_reserve():329:
to get free buffer
You are running out of buffers, please increase the TX/RX/DATA buf
Maybe should this be patched in the out-of-the-box samples?

2nd Problem

Sample: echo_server / echo_client

On 'make BOARD=qemu_cortex_m3 server' on server side and 'make
BOARD=qemu_cortex_m3 client' on both sides:

does not build, because the Makefile contains this line:

CONF_FILE ?= prj_$(BOARD).conf

But there is no prj_qemu_cortex_m3.conf.
Could you provide such a conf file and send a patch?
I hope so, have to fiddle around with this :)

What is the workflow for the other issues?
Should i create tickets in jira?


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