Re: BLE OOB - pairing/bonding - local-oob - HCI UART Zephyr issue?


Hi all, Carles,

It seems when trying to set the SSP (Secure Simple Pairing)  via the btmgmt tool  I also get the error message the SSP is not supported for this adapter. 
So it seems when setting up a BLE connectivity with Zephyr HCI_UART, this important "security" capability is not available... 

Also when running the oobtest provided by the BlueZ package, the error message Secure Simple Pairing is NOT supported. Here I do the test on my Ubuntu PC which has 2 BLE adapters the internal one and the external Zephyr HCI_UART/Nordic.

Any idea what is going wrong here? 

Thanks in advance,
Best regards,

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