Re: BLE OOB - pairing/bonding - local-oob - HCI UART Zephyr issue?

Johan Hedberg


On 18 Jan 2019, at 18.20, frv <> wrote:
It seems when trying to set the SSP (Secure Simple Pairing) via the btmgmt tool I also get the error message the SSP is not supported for this adapter.
So it seems when setting up a BLE connectivity with Zephyr HCI_UART, this important "security" capability is not available...

SSP is a BR/EDR feature, whereas Zephyr on Nordic MCUs only supports LE (known as a single-mode controller). So you’re not missing anything essential in this regard. The security feature in LE is called the Security Manager Protocol. On the BlueZ-side you shouldn’t need to enable anything explicitly if you’re running bluetooth (it should do everything necessary for you). If you’re not running bluetooth, or for some other reason want to do things manually, you’d need to enable at least “le” and “sc” with btmgmt.


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