Re: samples: BLE Mesh : finding possibi lities to optimise onoff level lighting vnd app further ?

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I wanna clarify that Black box means implementation is based on Bluetooth Mesh specification release in 2017 but it is available in close source lib. At app level there are some limited APIs to access it & that's it.

There even it is difficult to answer
- how state binding has done ?
- how transition time related stuff has handled ?
- how data structures is designed as per Models described in various tables in specifications ?

etc. etc.

It doesn't mean what is behind that black boxes is perfect. After testing it is found that those black boxes (which are so called qualified/certified) don't even pass basic PTS test requirements :)

Zephyr own BLE & Mesh stack is robust & always gone through PTS test time to time to fulfill all its requirements. And it is only open source project which supports Bluetooth Mesh.

But those who want to build Mesh App on it could get confused if gone through specs.

So goal is to find some optimised & "standard" way to design any type of Models architecture defined in #MeshModelSpecs ( including upcoming Models under #Smarthome subgroup category).

Thanks & regards,

On Fri 18 Jan, 2019, 12:31 PM Hedberg, Johan <johan.hedberg@... wrote:
I’m here on the mailing list as well, but I don’t have much knowledge of the “black boxes” of proprietary Mesh products that Vikrant was referring to.


> On 18 Jan 2019, at 7.34, wxzzzh <wxzzzh@...> wrote:
> Hi,  vikrant,
> You can go here:
> in general channel, talk to Johan Hedberg by @jhe, who's the leader of this project and should can help you.
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> On 1/17/2019 21:01,vikrant8051<vikrant8051@...> wrote:
> Hello,
> Available Bluetooth Mesh App layers (which are based on resp. Semiconductor
> manufacture BLE Mesh stack) are black boxes. So we can't mimic what they
> have implemented.
> So is there anyone(developer) who is behind those black boxes to optimise zephyr/samples/boards/nrf52/mesh/onoff_level_lighting_vnd_app further?
> (Please refer Bluetooth Mesh Model Specification Table 6.128 for details .
>  From my point of view, current implementation is pretty much stable or Okay
> & that makes me biased for it).
> Is there any one who has successfully implemented
> - Light HSL Server/Client models using Zephyr Mesh stack
> - which has clear all PTS test rquirements 😃
> - and have used something indigenous/superior way than proposed implementation
>    in mentioned app ? 
> Thanks & regards,
> vikrant

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