Re: NFC support Zephyr voor LE OOB secured pairing...

Rodrigo Peixoto

as far as I know, there are some functions that are being called during the provisioning process like "static int output_number(bt_mesh_output_action_t action, u32_t number)". This function (in my code at least) prints the OOB value for pairing. I would suggest you take a look if there are alternatives to that or maybe use this function to call your NFC tag writing one showing the OOB value to the provisioner. You can find some samples where people blink a led with the OOB value, it works as well. 

I hope it helps.

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Em seg, 21 de jan de 2019 às 07:45, frv <F.Vieren@...> escreveu:

Hi Rodrigo,

No not yet...
So far I'm still in the process of trying to understand how the NFC message (as described by the Bluetooth SIG) gets into the Bluetooth SW stack for the OOB pairing process. 
Nor on Linux/BlueZ, nor on Zeyphyr/bluetooth this is clear to me.
Depending on the track we will take, honestly I would love to continue with Zephyr for our BLE architecture, I can focus more on the Zephyr solution if that is the way to go. 
The alternative is to go fully Nordic also for the BLE SW stack. 

Thanks for your feedback. 

Best regards,

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