Re: NFC support Zephyr voor LE OOB secured pairing...


Hi Johan,

I was already aware this part was missing... :(. 
Unfortunately for the moment we are on a very strict time schedule to come up with a BLE architecture for our near future wireless HealthCare solutions. Time to market has become crazy in the last years. More and more we need to rely on finished building blocks to implement our solutions. Just like playing with Lego :). 

In the last 4 months I have intensively compared and investigated different BLE HW (Nordic, Laird, uBlox, ...) and SW (QT BLE, BlueZ, Zephyr, Nordic ...). So far I'm still in the process of understanding BLE and especially its secrets regarding "security". So far my expertise was in wired solutions, VideoOverIp (10G fiber systems) with limited security requirements. 
So far it seems that only brand proprietary BLE solutions (E.g. Nordic)  support a complete solution that implements all our requirements. Especially security is high on our list of requirements for implementing wireless BT health care systems.
For prototyping regardless of security I came up with a BLE architecture based on Zephyr (for the BLE peripheral device)  and BlueZ/QT (for the BLE central device), as HW platform we will likely stick to/select Nordic. 

Best regards,


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