Re: BLE Advertising raw data via scan response - bt_le_adv_start


Hi Johan,

Thanks, yup, I succeeded  just before reading your answer.
Indeed I wrongly set my array size, and that after 25 years of 'professional' programming, shame on me... :(.

Anyhow, I'm getting pretty close to where I want to be.
Setting up an automatic "secure/authorized" pairing system succeeds pretty well, I just had to add "some" customized code to the current QT BLE implementation... :)
I'm just missing the NFC implementation in Zephyr but that is no longer required for OOB pairing but for putting the secret AES key into the BLE peripheral during the commissioning.

I will come back to the Zephyr forum with some questions about authentication and encryption permissions on the characteristics of services in BLE Zephyr. 
It seems when I connect via my  QT BLE central application without secure connection with the Zephyr HR peripheral demo applic and without pairing I can always readout the characteristics (of my heart rate service) despite having authorization and security flags set.
But I will open a new topic on this later... 

Thanks once more for your response, much appreciated.

Best regards,

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