Re: Patches to implement DMA for STM32F4 SPI.

Paul Sokolovsky

Hello Dave,

On Mon, 4 Feb 2019 13:31:12 +0000
"Dave Marples" <dave@...> wrote:


I'm new around here so please bear with me and nudge me in the right
direction if I get things wrong.

I have just submitted Pull Request 13031 which implements DMA mode on
the STM32F4 series (specifically tested on the STM32F427ZI). This
note is by way of providing a bit more background on it since the
PullReq itself probably isn't the place for it.
Thanks for this post. The best suggestion I however would have is to
look it up in the mailing list archive and link from the Github pull

The rule of thumb we follow is that technical matters are discussed in
PRs. If discussion goes beyond mid-level technical matters, e.g. to
organizational matters, or to technical changes which may affect many
Zephyr users, an authors of proposed changes is encouraged to submit an
RFC to the mailing list to get wider coverage.

Of course, everyone if welcome to post to the mailing list to draw
attention to a particular matter.

Hope those were useful hints, and hope other folks will comment on
technical matters (but again, better if all of that is in/reachable
from the PR).


Best Regards,
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