Re: Pairing/bonding Zephyr API? Pairing info?


On Tue, Feb 5, 2019 at 02:51 PM, Johan Hedberg wrote:
Note that you need to have flash storage support enabled, including CONFIG_BT_SETTINGS, in order for the bonding information to be persistently stored and reloaded after a power cycle.

Merging /home/frv/zephyr/samples/bluetooth/peripheral_hr/prj.conf warning: BT_SETTINGS (defined at subsys/bluetooth/host/Kconfig:139) was assigned the value 'y' but got the value 'n'.

When I run make menuconfig, 
BT_SETTINGS(=n) "Store Bluetooth state and configuration persistently"
I can't seem to get this to y(es).

When entering it "Store Bluetooth state and configuration persistenly (NEW) is in red. And nothing can be selected


Probably need to first get the Disk/Flash configured, what are appropriate values for the Flash?
Currently I'm using 117012 bytes or 22% of 512KB.

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