Re: Pairing/bonding Zephyr API? Pairing info?

Johan Hedberg

Hi Frank,

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On 5 Feb 2019, at 19.48, frv <F.Vieren@...> wrote:
When I run make menuconfig,
BT_SETTINGS(=n) "Store Bluetooth state and configuration persistently"
I can't seem to get this to y(es).

When entering it "Store Bluetooth state and configuration persistenly (NEW) is in red. And nothing can be selected


Probably need to first get the Disk/Flash configured
Yes, you need to have flash and the settings subsystem enabled. Simplest is probably to look at any of the existing Bluetooth samples that already successfully use BT_SETTINGS. E.g. samples/bluetooth/peripheral is one such sample. peripheral_hr is (unfortunately) not. Note that even after enabling the Kconfig options you’ll also need to update your app to make a call to settings_load() after calling bt_enable(). Take a look at how and where the peripheral app does this in its main.c. As for the Kconfig options, I believe the following from the peripheral app’s prj.conf are the necessary options, assuming you’re ok with the FCB backend (there’s also an NFFS one):



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