Re: Pairing/bonding Zephyr API? Pairing info?


Hi Johan, all,

It all works like a charm now, after a power cycle the BLE central applic reconnects without authentication issues anymore. 

So indeed flash configuration was required as demonstrated in the BT peripheral applic. 

Sometimes hard to follow what happens behind the scene, e.g. settings_load. So a lot of work for me to understand better Zephyr and some of it subsystems. 

I'm wondering what will be my next issue. Anyhow very happy with the result so far. 

Basically I have all that is needed for the prototyping of our use case. Just have to replace the BT HR applic with a BT peripheral applic that keeps track of a button press on the nRF52 board. 

As I just do little modifications to the existing BT demo software, I wondering if there exist a better way to develop and debug coding on Zephyr without having to re-flash all the time when something needs to be modified in application. 

I know you can run an emulator on a host PC but probably without the BT HW this is hard to do unless the host BT device can be used? Is this possible?


Best regards,


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