Re: CMake comments to HTML? (PR #9947 CMake build architecture documentation)

Nashif, Anas

I think this looks great.


9947 is not a PR, it is an enhancement issue, got me confused for a second. So it is an open enhancement issue with not PR associated with it, if you have something , send a PR please.




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I tried the “moderncmakedomain” sphinx extension to prototype extracting CMake comments into html and it seems to work, see screenshot and PR below.



Dave (cc:) seems to like it.


Just a quick hack for now, Linux only. Two questions:

- Is the approach generally acceptable? Notably: is sphinx-moderncmakedomain acceptable as an additional pip3 requirement?

- If yes then is Sebastian's PR #9947 the correct place for this? I asked him privately but he’s either off or busy. If yes then let’s discuss there and not on the mailing-list.







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This is what the above commit produces:

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