Re: Bluetooth mesh using nrf52 pca10040 #bluetoothmesh #nrf52832

Johan Hedberg


On 14 Feb 2019, at 15.43, kunal.jagadish07@... wrote:
Hey, I am trying to establish a bluetooth mesh using the Raspberry Pi 3 (bluez meshctl) as the provisioner and the nrf52 boards as the nodes. The nodes have to periodically send sensor data (LPN) to the provisioner (Raspberry Pi) across the mesh. The mesh will consist of ~5k nodes. I want to extract the data and the rssi value from the transmitted packet on the Raspberry Pi. How would I go about with this?
Since this is a BlueZ question it’d be better asked on the BlueZ mailing lists. I’ve added it to CC. E.g. Brian or Inga (who know the BlueZ mesh implementation very well) might be able to answer your question. I’m not sure if meshctl tracks the RSSI internally, but to my understanding the new mesh deamon does, so it might be just a matter of ensuring that it gets exposed through D-Bus somehow.

What’s not clear to me is do you want this for testing/debugging purposes or something for an actual application use? If it’s just for testing/debugging you can e.g. use btmon to see the raw HCI traffic, and that’ll then also show you the RSSI of every received advertising packet.


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