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vikrant8051 <vikrant8051@...>

this PR in local repo, we can do DFU OTA using Android #nRFConnect.

But I've observe following things:
1) If board is in non-provisioned state then DFU OTA start immediately
2) If board is in provisioned state then DFU OTA process takes 5-10 seconds
    to show the status of progress in percentages.  

Is it is correct behaviour ? If no, then how to overcome it ?
Sometimes when we start the GATT connection (to access SMP service for DFU OTA)
with device then it get immediately get disconnected. Why ?
As we all know, after device get provisioned, it stop advertising as "zephyr" 
plus it don't show UUID associated with it (like it is in unprovisioned state)

If there are multiple provisioned node available, then in case of Android
if we want to connect particular NODE (for DFU OTA) then using its MAC address
we could find it & connect to it.

But in case of iOS, we can't do that since MAC address are hidden.

If we have CONFIG_BT_PRIVACY=y enable this Kconfig option, then we can't connect to
particular NODE for DFU OTA since every time after reboot MAC address is different.

All this things are confusing for me? Could anyone would like to through some light on
this ?

Thanks !!

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