Nashif, Anas


Recently we enabled a new CI check that verifies if newly added files are covered in the CODEOWNERS file.


For more information about the CODEOWNERS file please check


Whenever you are adding new files (new board, new driver, etc.) please add an entry in the CODEOWNERS file. This will mean that in the future you will be added as a reviewer when changes are submitted against those files and it is a way for others to know who is the maintainer of certain components without having to use `git blame` or other means.


If you think you are not the right owner of some files and you are just extending a component, please let us know (in the PR itself, on slack or per email) and we will advise what to add.


In the case where multiple names are associated with one or more files, the first name (github handle) is the maintainer/owner and additional names are co-maintainers/co-owners.


We are in the process of adding this to the documentation, so stay tuned for more information.








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